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Week 1 Notes

Taking notes for week 1.

Siva Vaidhynathan – The Anarchist in the Library

Anarchy and Control (oligarchy) – two poles of information issues – is information anarchy and does it need control? what are the pitfalls of evangelical adherence to either pole? Ease of Access is important – how easy is it to get information legally?

Information – technology (is it always digital? technology has a history of other forms) How to define such a capacious term/idea/ information: anything that can be shared, information as data, information as education platform

Information agencies – public libraries (access) – umiversities, record companies, the individual (peer to peer, mashup maker), entertainment industry – diversity of agencies and contexts, government as information agency (gov docs, as regulator, as lawmaker)


technology and access (limits and availability, digital divides)


pace of historical change